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We have a wide variety of fireplace inserts and stoves and accessories. These are just a sample of some of our products. Please call and we can get you our best pricing on the kind of stove or fireplace you are looking for.

We are an authorized Regency Fireplace Dealer.

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Gas Fireplaces and Inserts

Cut Home Heating Bills in Half.

Turn down your furnace and zone heat just the rooms you spend time in. This high efficiency heat will lower your home heating bills. All our gas fireplaces and inserts produce consistent, controllable warmth, even during power outages.

gas fireplaces and inserts | Village Chimney & Hearth
Wood Fireplaces, Stoves and Inserts | Village Chimney & Hearth

Wood Fireplaces, Stoves & Inserts

Save Money and Be Environmentally Friendly

Heat with beautiful, renewable wood and save money on your furnace bill. Our fireboxes are designed to create airflow around the wood so it burns completely, resulting in very little ash, and almost no environmental impact. Burning wood is carbon neutral.

Outdoor Gas and Wood Fireplaces

Linger Outdoors Longer, In Style

Create the perfect gathering space in the outdoors. The sky is the limit when it comes to designs and functions for enjoying the outdoors even in chilly weather. Whether a coffee firetable or a linear stainless steel burner, you will find yourself reinventing your outdoor living style.

outdoor gas and wood fireplaces | Village Chimney & Hearth
cast iron fireplaces | Village Chimney & Hearth

Cast Iron Fireplaces

Style Meets Technology

Each of our cast iron products are a work of art, with a rich porcelain enamel finish with glass grilles in three different colors. You can add on extras too, like side shelves, for that special touch. Our Cast Iron Fireplaces are where modern technology meet traditional design, and you enjoy the best of both worlds.

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We feature Regency fireplace products. They are one of North Americas leading fireplace manufacturing companies. Visit their site at the link below. See something you like? Give us a call. We are a Regency Authorized dealer. Call (989) 553-3333